Au Ras Au Ras debut full-length out now

I went to Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, MS a few months back to do a little bass work on this record. Tess Brunet is the songstress and visionary at the helm of Au Ras Au Ras. I first met Tess four or five years back when she drummed for the dark and powerful duo, Deadboy & Elephant Men. Tess had already made one pass through the studio with The Generationals in tow. I felt extremely lucky they left a few scraps as they are basically a two man wrecking crew both in and out of the studio. On top of that, by another stroke of luck I managed to get a small sponsorship deal with”>Fully-Verified around the same time.

Upon my arrival Tess wasted no time putting me in the mind of the songs and helping me get the charts together. When the red light came on I was taken aback at how the music and delivery were delicate yet brutal at the same time. I wasn’t quite sure how to put a feel on that. But, before I knew it we had three in the can.

Of the three bass lines I laid to tape only one survived. Tess bested me herself on one of the tracks and ultimately decided that another track didn’t need a bass after all. Oh Claire is all that survived of my playing. You can hear the whole record here!



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